Employer’s Benefit in Engaging Immigration Lawyer


Recently, it has come to our attention that a number of foreign workers in Christchurch are crying foul over the government’s ambivalent positions on immigration issues.

Most of the foreign workers have been deployed into the region in line with the governments post quake effort to help revitalize the city. A number of changes in immigration policies have been introduced to reflect on the skill shortages in the region.

Now, the situation is reversed following the public outcry over the job shortages that allegedly caused by the foreign workers, who are now finding it difficult to renew their work visas. More stringent immigration requirements are to be introduced. When it happens, it affects foreign workers across the board, hence relevant to your business.

You know how difficult it is to find and train right staff for your business. It is often said that the cost of staff turnover is three times the lost staff’s annual pay. The new Immigration Act 2009 has brought home to business people like you a positive duty as to who you can hire and retain in your business.

Appreciating the hassles of all these, here is what a confident immigration lawyer can help you mind your own business:

– A focal point of contact for all your staff’s immigration issues;
– Managing the compliance requirements under the immigration law and policies;
– Communicating with immigration officials

All these benefits could be offered out of no cost to your business, as the immigration lawyer’s remuneration is the immigration consulting fees paid by your staff, who will also benefit from quality immigration consulting services on a pre-arranged special corporate rate.

Note: Michael Kim, who writes on this blog is an immigration lawyer, specialized in all immigration matters and more. He was formerly employed as an immigration officer at Immigration New Zealand over 5 years, hence conversant with all aspect of immigration law and policies. He also offers his hands-on experience within the internal operations of Immigration New Zealand as a benefit to his clients. For further information, please contact Michael Kim at michael@kentonlaw.co.nz.


3 thoughts on “Employer’s Benefit in Engaging Immigration Lawyer

  1. I have a friend whose reidency under partnerhip being declined due to the fact that his wife is a chef, her previous job in Brazil was a business analyst at a well known bank, they both wanted to settle here, i just don’t see what’s the fuss for the immigration officer visiting her current workplace then out of nowhere declines their application because she had to find a more suitable and simliar role as her previous one back home, what a load of rubbish!!!

    1. Dear Desmond,

      Sorry to hear the story, which I found quite bemused. The officer doesn’t have discretion to decline a partnership application outside the prescribed partnership policy, which sounds exactly what happened in your friend’s case.

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