Sensible Approaches by Business Migration Specialists

Recently, I was very pleased to see a couple of Entrepreneur residence applications approved by the Business Migration Branch following a series of interactions with the Business Migration Specialists, who were willing to listen to and adapt their views as the cases ran.

The residence applications were initially at the glimpse of falling back to their previous fate of decline because of the applicants’ inability to produce the business information from the business’ previous owners.

The Entrepreneur residence applicants were required to produce such information as the financial statements, GST Returns and PAYE information to satisfy Immigration New Zealand that they have positively contributed to New Zealand.

The Business Migration Branch has been of the view that the only way to establish this would be to produce such documents with reluctance to entertain any alternative information. Out of no exception, my two clients were put on notice of the PPI.

Then, I, as much as my clients, was lucky to afford some sensible approaches by the case officers to willingly look into the real nature of the businesses, which were, in fact, new businesses as they served different classes of customers with different types of goods and services although they were all in the same industry.

In the absence of the conventional documentation such as the financial statements and PAYE from the previous owners, the case officers were also flexible enough to entertain my reasoning based on the goodwill analysis and extracting PAYE information from the ACC payment information from the previous businesses.

In the event, the case officers were happy to accept my submission that the businesses ‘substantially’ contributed to the country, hence, meeting the visa instructions on the face of their predecessors’ negative assessments.

The happy clients are now making even greater contributions to the country thanks to the sensible approaches by the case officers.

So, thank you Mathew and Tom.


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